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We are very pleased to be the first, and so far, the only funeral home in the Monadnock Region offering funeral webcasts and memorial DVD's as one more of the many new ways we have expanded how we help families today. In fact, this new level of assistance has been utilized by numerous families since we first began offering it in June of 2009.

Webcasts rose from obscurity in the 1990s to become a staple of modern communication, connecting people across continents and around the world by drawing them into a virtual gathering place for a common purpose. Businesses quickly adopted the webcast as a convenient and cost-effective way to conduct meetings and seminars, and today webcasts are everywhere ­- including funerals.

All too often, individuals who have lost a loved one or friend are unable to attend the funeral or memorial service in person for many reasons. For those individuals, this can be a great stress and is often times very painful. This is where funeral webcasts have become a valuable addition. They are not meant to replace people coming to the funeral, but it does allow people who can't be there in person, to participate in a special way. Funerals are for the living - they aid in the grieving process and help survivors face the reality that their loved one has died. Funeral webcasts make it possible for everyone to attend the funeral without regard to time, distance or cost. Viewers are able to see their friends and family members at the service and listen to the music and eulogies from any location using a simple internet connection and a secure password.

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